XZ Wielofunkcyjny rozdrabniacz leśny/Multifunction na prodaju - Poljska

Cijena isklj. PDV
224.923 HRK
135.950 PLN
Cijena isklj. PDV
224.923 HRK
135.950 PLN
Grupa proizvoda / vozilaDrobilice za drvo / čiperi
Marka / modelXZ Wielofunkcyjny rozdrabniacz leśny/Multifunction
Godina proizvodnje2020
Dodatne opcijeNovo/nekorišćeno
Lokacija strojapl, Stara Tuchorza
Mascus IDC0B29A03
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Cijena isklj. PDV224.923 HRK  (135.950 PLN)
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Cijena uklj. PDV-
Ostale informacijeReference number: RS5805
This machine is ready to work straight after purchase. No leaking, nothing to fix, good and strong machine.
- We can arrange transport of this machine to Your yard, at a very reasonable price.
- Location: Poland [post code] 64-212, [city] Stara Tuchorza. We invite you with a mechanic. There is nothing to hide. A service or an expert can be sent to the inspection.
- Year of production: 2020
- Mileage: NEW
- Multifunctional forest grinding machine (milling turns, mowing wasteland)
- We are the company, which produces new forest grinding machines and flail on the outrigger for the roadside mowing, grass, bushes, little trees, hedges.
- Video with the machine in the field: https://youtu.be/ZMJmH2nK7dg
- On the photo we can see Germania multifunctional forest grinding machine .
- Working width 2100 mm, for trees up to diameter 20cm.
- New machine
- Rotor on fixed widi knives and rotary knifes.
- Each knife is protected with a separate pin (roller), so there is no difficulty with assembly during replacing the knives, with other rollers this roller goes through the whole thing which makes repairs are terribly expensive because there is no access to it.

- Due to the fact, that our knifes are protected with separate pins we can install different knifes:
* Widia knifes
* Forging knifes
* Knifes with a chrome carbide tip.
- The machine has got 4-belt drive on the both sides, double protection on the forget chains against falling out of the chip residues.
- Adjustable hydraulic flap
- Adjustable frame for tilting branches
- Possibility to use relay roller with claw clutch
- Can be equipped with category 3 hydraulic cylinder

Video on the Youtube, where we can see while working: https://youtu.be/tWHk9k0edr0
- We also make additional rotors (cutting shafts) for all grinding machines as well as forest mulchers (Mulcher, Mulczer, Schlegelmulcher, Kosiarka).The shaft can be mounted on such grinders as Atilla, Fao far, Fae, Ahwi, Maschio, Seppi, Zanon, Bertti, Orkan, Ferri Amazon. For the production of our rotors, we are using the highest quality pipes, which we import from Germany.

Knives and bearing are 3 times more durable than those available on the market! The shaft has been balanced in our company. We highly recommend it!
-Please, visit our website: www.germania.net.pl
- To place orders, please contact us directly at the number: 732 458 781
- The last photo shows the regeneration of shafts loader wagons
- The example of shaft for the machine CLASS – before and after regeneration.
- For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.
- More information in English will be provide at telephone: +48 736.908.418 , +49 178.331.8774
VISIT OUR WEBSITE www.swenska.com.pl

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Field of application: Forestry


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