Budget Clean HiLo8065

Cijena isklj. PDV
47.960 HRK
Cijena isklj. PDV
47.960 HRK
Videosnimke [Other] Budget Clean HiLo8065
Videosnimke [Other] Budget Clean HiLo8065
Grupa proizvoda / vozilaStrojevi za čiščenje i ribanje podova
Marka / modelBudget Clean HiLo8065
Godina proizvodnje2019
Dodatne opcijeNovo/nekorišćeno, Mogućnost iznajmljivanja
Lokacija strojaNederweert
Mascus ID8741EDFE
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Cijena isklj. PDV47.960 HRK
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Zadnji preglednew
Opća stanje (1-5)
Evidencija svih servisaDa
Serijski brojBudget Clean HiLo8065 new
Oznaka CEDa
Transportne dimenzije (DxŠxV)1320 x 730 x 1230
Transportna masa210 kg
Zemlja proizvodnjeItalija
Ostale informacijeCompact ride-on scrubber-dryer Budget Clean HiLo8065 by KlinMak

With the introduction of this innovative scrubber-dryer, we have maintained the mobility and maneuvering characteristics of a walk-behind, with the productivity and yield of a ride-on.
The combination of advantages generates a unique machine that allows it to adapt to all types of applications.

Economic choice
The HiLO8065 has the performance characteristics of a ride-on scrubber-dryer. But has the purchase and management costs of a walk-behind scrubber-dryer.
This allows a great increase in production, halving the operating cost (Euro/m² washed).

1. Front washing head – Greatly enhances visibility during work
2. Wiper in front of the wheels – Drying in front of the wheels, constant drive on dry surface. This innovation greatly increases comfort and the safety standards
3. Cogbrush - Use of double brush with the use of ONE single gear motor, cost reduction and increase in energy efficiency , longer autonomy of the scrubber-dryer
4. Heavy washing head (41 kg) – HiLo8065 are used for deep cleaning with layered dirt and / or maintenance for daily cleaning
5. Reduced maintenance - Easy access and easy handling for maintenance works
6. Electromechanics – Technical Solutions with a calibrated use of electronics with high level of reliability and easy handling. Standard resettable fuses in HiLo8065.
7. Motor/drive unit – When thoroughly cleaning the drive on the rear wheels ensure a high stability, especially on wet floors
8. Safety pedal brake – Electric brake always open with operator on board. Only engages when you activate for minor wear of electric brake itself. Significant energy recovery during deceleration, benefitting the autonomy of the scrubber-dryer
9. Reduction of speed on cornering – automatic device reduces speed, increasing safety of the operator in all environment and on all surfaces
10. Power Steering – 3 wheel turns represent an absolute advantage in driving comfort and in maneuverability
11. Reduction of solution on cornering - An automatic devices reduces the consumption of the solution, where not necessary, avoiding leaks in recovery. This leads to greater autonomy in cleaning
12. Selection of the operating speed - The operator can adjust the work speed, adapting it to the type of dirty and environment to be cleaned

Technical Specifications
Tanks (clean / dirty water): 80/80 L
Cleaning path: 650 mm
Brushes: 2 x Ø13" - 330 mm
Speed: 0 - 6 km/h
Productivity: 3.900 sqm/h
Power / Voltage / Protection: 1.350 W / 24 V / IPX3
Load on brush head (adjustable for Hilo8065): 0-41 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): with squeegee 1.320 x 730 x 1225 mm
Weight without / with batteries: 125 - 210 kg
Turning circle: 1.880 mm
Noise level: 69 dbA
Batteries : (2x) Gel 12V 105Ah
Warranty: 12 Month
Standard colour is Grey or Blue (other colour on request)
This compact ride on scrubber drier is also available with Li-Ion Technology with a working time around 5 hours !
Machines are working all over Europe in Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Factories, Logistics, Hotels, Wellness and so on.
We can deliver worldwide. Also Africa where the demand on hygiene is growing and this machines are productive, better results than manpower does.

HJR Retail Group B.V.

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Na Mascus.hr možete naći strojeve marke [Other] Budget Clean HiLo8065 iz kategorije strojevi za čiščenje i ribanje podova. Cijena toga [Other] Budget Clean HiLo8065 stroja je 47.960 kn, registrovan je bio 2019 godine. Taj stroj se nalazi u Nederweert Nizozemska. Na Mascus.hr možete naći mnogo drugih strojeva marke [Other] Budget Clean HiLo8065 takodje kao i druge strojeve iz kategorije strojevi za čiščenje i ribanje podova. Detalji - Zadnji pregled: new, Opća stanje (1-5): 5, Evidencija svih servisa: Da, Serijski broj: Budget Clean HiLo8065 new, Oznaka CE: Da, Transportne dimenzije (DxŠxV): 1320 x 730 x 1230 mm, Transportna masa: 210 kg, Zemlja proizvodnje: Italija, Certifikati: CE