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Grupa proizvoda / vozilaMeđuredni kultivatori
Marka / modelSoil roller Tiger Tiger di rullo del terreno Rolle
Godina proizvodnje2018
Dodatne opcijeNovo/nekorišćeno
Opća stanje (1-5)5
Garancija12 months
Zemlja proizvodnjePoljska
Ostale informacijeCambridge Tiger shaft

One of the most important cultivation practices that has a great impact both on crop quality and on future fertility is rolling. This has many benefits, such as:
- field alignment and lump breaking
- improved seed contact with soil
- stopping moisture
- reducing soil erosion and improving its structure
- rolling grasslands, crop residues and sown seeds of the sprout

The shaft structure with two actuators (hydraulically foldable) is made of 140x140mm profile and 10mm wall thickness, the rest of the elements is made of 15mm thick steel, which significantly increases the strength of the frame. In addition, the steel used to make the shaft is of increased hardness (S355 steel).

Shafts are equipped with rings of the following types:

Cambridge- is used for seed cultivation
- campbell - used for plowing after plowing
- crosskill - is used to crush lumps in the fields

Standard equipment:

- frame with upper hook
- support foot
- wheel wheels 10 / 75-15.3 10-12PR
- transport security (when lowered to transport position)
- shaft drawn on wheels

Optional equipment:

- travel wheels 400 / 60-15.5 14 PR
- travel wheels 11.5 / 80-15.3
- lighting
- front axle

Ring types:

- Cambridge fi 450, 500, 530, 600 mm
- Crosskill fi 510 mm
- Pin fi fi 500 mm
- Campbell fi 700 30 ° mm

Standar equipments
-frame with a hitch on the top
-support leg
-road wheels 10/75-15.3 10-12 PR- towed roller on wheels
-transport safety
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