Awemak CEZAR CFTH 30 na prodaju - Poljska

Cijena isklj. PDV
30.419 HRK
4.050 EUR
Cijena isklj. PDV
30.419 HRK
4.050 EUR
Grupa proizvoda / vozilaTanjurače
Marka / modelAwemak CEZAR CFTH 30
Godina proizvodnje2021
Dodatne opcijeNovo/nekorišćeno
Lokacija strojaPrzedbórz
Mascus ID7E4498A0
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Cijena isklj. PDV30.419 HRK  (4.050 EUR)
PDV (23%)6.996 HRK
Cijena uklj. PDV37.415 HRK  (4.982 EUR)
Konfiguracija pogonaMontirani
Opća stanje (1-5)
Radna širina3
Transportna masa950 kg
Zemlja proizvodnjePoljska
Dodatna oprema- Przednie koła podporowe
- Przednia włóka wyrównująca
- Hydrauliczna regulacja przedniej włóki wyrównującej
Ostale informacijeDisc harrow mounted on the front three-point linkage - CEZAR CFT in available working widths of 2.5 m, 2.7 m and 3 m and the hydraulically unfolded CFTH version in working widths of 4 m and 4.5 m

CEZAR is a compact disc harrow mounted on the front three-point linkage designed for stubble preparation, field leveling after plowing and pre-sowing work.

CEZAR is equipped with two rows of discs, 520 mm in diameter and 5 mm thick.
Rows of discs move between each other, ensuring self-cleaning of the entire disc section. This allows you to work in difficult conditions and wet soil.

Thanks to the lowering of the hitch point, the point of the machine's traction, which is located in front of the first row of discs, it is possible to obtain optimal adaptation of the machine to the shape of the ground surface, while allowing work in curves.
The transport locks used allow for safe and stable road passage.

* The given prices are net prices.

It is possible to make the machine on an individual customer's request!

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Na možete naći strojeve marke Awemak CEZAR CFTH 30 iz kategorije tanjurače. Cijena toga Awemak CEZAR CFTH 30 stroja je 30.419 kn, registrovan je bio 2021 godine. Taj stroj se nalazi u Przedbórz Poljska. Na možete naći mnogo drugih strojeva marke Awemak CEZAR CFTH 30 takodje kao i druge strojeve iz kategorije tanjurače. Detalji - Konfiguracija pogona: Montirani, Opća stanje (1-5): 5, Radna širina: 3 m, Transportna masa: 950 kg, Garancija: 2, Zemlja proizvodnje: Poljska