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Cijena isklj. PDV
18.052 HRK
11.058 PLN
Cijena isklj. PDV
18.052 HRK
11.058 PLN
Grupa proizvoda / vozilaTraktorske kosilice
Marka / modelStiga tornado 398
Mascus ID96B74B64
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Cijena isklj. PDV18.052 HRK  (11.058 PLN)
PDVNe uključuje vračanog PDV-a
Cijena uklj. PDV-
Inventarni broj2T0610481/ST1
Bruto težina157 kg
Ostale informacijeAre you dreaming of a strong and reliable lawn tractor
, giving you maximum work pleasure and minimum effort? This product is definitely for you! It is invaluable equipment that will accompany you at any time of the year. It will help you win in tall grass, and in winter it will also keep you from being late to work after heavy snowfall. Are you fed up with seeing your neighbor relaxing on the terrace and his lawn looks amazing? Surprise him! Discover the versatility of lawn mowers
and your lawn will look better.
The Stiga
Tornado 398 lawn tractor is equipped with a single-cylinder Stiga ST 450 combustion engine with a displacement of 432 cm3 and a power of 7.50 kW at 2800 rpm. The new design of the lawn mower's hood made it look modern and attractive, and thanks to the seat adjustment and ergonomic steering wheel with a soft grip, mowing has become more pleasant. An advantage is the invaluable rear drive 18-inch wheels, which guarantees better traction during work. With the Stiga
Tornado 398 lawn tractor you can mow an area of up to 5,000 m2 / h.
Do you like when one device has many functions? Then you will like the Stiga Tornado 398 lawn tractor. You can choose between two operating modes:
- (after purchasing a mulching insert) it helps to fertilize the soil. By selecting the mulching function, the grass fragments are kept under the deck and chopped, and then thrown with great air force onto the lawn. The grass decomposes over time, which is a natural fertilizer and fertilizes the soil.
- If the grass is too tall to be mulched, it is cut and ejected powerfully evenly from the right side of the tractor.
The lawn mower
has a manual mowing height adjustment in 7 steps, from 25 to 80 mm, and the working width of the cutting knife is 98 cm. Thanks to the clever accessory exchange system, this garden tractor can be easily converted into a snowplow or spreader.
What will ensure the comfort of working on the Stiga Tornado 398 Comfortable, adjustable seat with shock absorption Functional steering wheel with soft grip Halogen headlights Two 18-inch anti-skid wheels Ample legroom for comfortable and quick mowing Seat with safety switch Plug that allows you to clean the chassis and knives 6 liter fuel tank Choose the reliable Stiga Tornado 398 lawn tractor and become the king of your garden. Do you like this model, but are you looking for a tractor with a more powerful motor for larger areas? See the Stiga Tornado 2108 HW , which can easily cope with an area of 7,000 m2.
* The presented product is a new version of the previous model: Stiga Tornado 2098 H

** STIGA charger and mulching insert sold separately. S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek

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Na možete naći strojeve marke Stiga tornado 398 iz kategorije traktorske kosilice. Cijena toga Stiga tornado 398 stroja je 18.052 kn, registrovan je bio - godine. Taj stroj se nalazi u - Poljska. Na možete naći mnogo drugih strojeva marke Stiga tornado 398 takodje kao i druge strojeve iz kategorije traktorske kosilice. Detalji - Inventarni broj: 2T0610481/ST1, Bruto težina: 157 kg