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11415 Tallinn
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Usluge koje pruža 7detaili OÜ

  • Rabljena oprema
  • Rezervni dijelovi
  • Dodaci

Zastupane marke

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • DAF
  • Scania
  • MAN
  • Volvo

Opis tvrtke

7Details is a truck disassembly service where you can find quality and cheap truck parts with a warranty. 

All spare parts for trucks were removed from technically sound vehicles and in case of doubt, we check them in advance. Truck dismantling takes place on-site, in steps as well as the dismantling of various trailers and other truck parts. Truck parts are sold locally, over the phone or online.

* Wide and high quality assortment of spare parts.
* Reasonable prices.
* Parts are accompanied by a description, photos, condition, applicability and price.
* Any form of payment will do.

During this time, we have gained the trust and satisfaction of companies as well as individuals. 7details OÜ offers used and new spare parts for DAF, Volvo, MAN, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Iveco..

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    The company offers services like: rabljena oprema, rezervni dijelovi i dodaci.

    7detaili OÜ zastupani brendovi: Mercedes-Benz, DAF, Scania, MAN, Volvo.

    Ova tvrtka je specijalizirana u Veoautolammutus, Разборка грузовых машин, Грузовые запчасти, Varuosad, 7Detalei.